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  • Sean & Jodi Brosnahan
    Breeder Profile:Sean & Jodi Brosnahan Words byTim Fulton Breeder traces his Foundation Cows back to Scottish Ancestry A fascination with pedigree has led Sean Brosnahan at Resurgam Angus to the … Read more
  • Rick & Deb Orr
    Breeder Profile:Rick & Deb Orr Words byTim Fulton Orr family backs pure New Zealand beef In 100 years of breeding stud sheep, cattle and horses, Rick Orr’s family have consistently … Read more
  • Sam and Sarah Duncan
    Breeder Profile:Sam & Sarah Duncan Words byTim Fulton Easy doing, functional cattle imperative for Elgin Angus The gumboots are out for an overdue wet winter at Elgin Angus in Central … Read more
  • Graeme and Alison Duncan
    Breeder Profile:Graeme & Alison Duncan Words byTim Fulton History of Performance at Penvose The Duncans of Penvose Farms know their piece of the Maniototo intimately – it’s what you get … Read more
  • Raman and Shainaz Johal
    Breeder Profile:Raman & Shainaz Johal Words byTim Fulton First-gen Kiwis, First-gen Angus First-generation New Zealand Angus breeders and first-generation Kiwis, Raman and Shainaz Johal are “crazy and passionate” about their … Read more
  • Kevin and Janette Davenport
    Breeder Profile:Kevin & Janette Davenport Words byTim Fulton Black Bear Building Paradise For 30 years, Kevin and Janette Davenport have shed sweat and tears for their piece of Paradise Valley. … Read more
  • James Parsons and Travis & Kirra Pymm
    Breeder Profile:James Parsons and Travis & Kirra Pymm Words byNatalie Campbell New Matauri Angus Owners Relishing Breeding Proven Hard Hill Country Genetics A trip to New Zealand five years ago … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: George MacPherson
    Breeder Profile:George MacPherson Words byNatalie Campbell PASSION FOR CATTLE IN YOUNG MARLBOROUGH BREEDERS’ DNA The cattle of the Okiwi Angus Stud are helping break in and develop farmland while enjoying … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: Rob & Lucy Thorneycroft
    Breeder Profile:Rob & Lucy Thorneycroft Words byNatalie Campbell Photos byBelinda Pratt TAPIRI ANGUS MARKS 60 YEARS OF BREEDING IN THE WAIRARAPA Continuing stewardship of the land that’s been in the … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: Angus & Trish Thomson
    Breeder Profile:Angus & Trish Thomson Words byNatalie Campbell 60 Years of Dandaloo Angus Stud The only true flat country of the Dandaloo Angus Stud is home to the on-farm bull … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: Ryan & Sarah Hussey
    Breeder Profile:Ryan & Sarah Hussey Words byNatalie Campbell EMPHASIS PLACED ON FEMALES IN THE CANTERBURY HIGH COUNTRY TO MEET BULL BREEDING GOALS It’s been naught to more than 100 registered … Read more
  • Breeder Profiles: Ben & Kylie Johnson
    Breeder Profile:Ben & Kylie Johnson Words byNatalie Campbell Clear Breeding Objectives At Forefront Of Fledgling East Cost Herd – Orere Angus The year 2017 is one Ben and Kylie Johnson … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: Dean & Teresa Sherson
    Breeder Profile:Dean & Teresa Sherson Words byNatalie Campbell Black Ridge Angus Right At Home on King Country Hill Country Breeding structurally sound easy doing bulls that are full of meat … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: Chris & Kate Pont
    Breeder Profile:Chris & Kate Pont Words byNatalie Campbell FAMILY THE HEART AND SOUL OF WAIMARA ANGUS Three generations of the Law family are actively involved in the day-to-day life of … Read more
  • Breeder Profile: Paul & Susannah Revell
    Breeder Profile:Paul & Susannah Revell CLIENTS A FIRM FOCUS FOR THE REVELL FAMILY OF OKAKA ANGUS Meeting the needs of hill country farmers with a consistent product is the goal … Read more