Raising the Steaks

September is a really exciting month for a concept the Angus New Zealand board started thinking about some time ago. Kate Pont introduces a new educational partnership.

After many technical failures and gadget learning we have finally launched our educational series ‘Raising the Steaks’ , a joint venture between Gallagher NZ and Angus New Zealand. What this will look like for breeders and the wider New Zealand beef industry is a series of videos and a Facebook page that will be used to share all interesting and informative ideas we come across.

My hope is that we can spark some really diverse, thought provoking, collaborative conversations in a constructive, respectful and helpful way. Some of my best learnings have been from sitting around talking and discussing our on farm programs with other breeders and farmers at ward tours and meetings.

This is what I would like to recreate for the wider beef industry in a more accessible way – but I will need your help…

If you have anything interesting you have read or heard, any tips or tricks you have picked up throughout your career and think it would benefit others let’s share it. You can send ideas or links to – we will also have exclusive Gallagher New Zealand deals for Angus New Zealand members and clients. Find our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see what’s coming up.