Angus is the backbone of the beef Industry in New Zealand. As a representative organisation, AngusNZ is determined to foster stronger relationships between the country’s stud and commercial farmers. Our mission is to help farmers add value to their farming operation through greater balanced breeding programme, such as understanding the gains from a strong maternal influence, combined with quality  carcase attributes. Equally, we’re here to help existing and emerging breeders benefit from robust structural soundness and/ aligned with superior genetic traits.

Following the development of a clear strategic plan, we’re on a journey to build strong collaborative connections which not only support our members but grow and support organisations that are connected to us.

AngusNZ prides itself on being the leading beef breed of choice in New Zealand and this extends far beyond the farm gate. We’re continuing to expand the promotional work that we do on your behalf, helping to tell industry stories that deserve to be told to highlight the important role that AngusNZ – and the beef sector plays in New Zealand’s primary industry.

Key services that we provide directly to our members include:

Registration Services

If you are new or an old hand to stud breeding AngusNZ is here to help. We will work with you in the registration of your new membership.

  • Complete and return your membership form to registry@pbbnz.com for Angus NZ Board approval
  • Once membership is approved a registration number is created for your Stud/Prefix. This Registration number is your ident for all transactions ie, DNA results, Transfers, animal identification etc.
  • Any enquires contact registry@pbbnz.com

Angus NZ is committed to fostering the “Next Generation” of members to become skilled in Governance within the Association and their on-farm operations. Creating Governance programs and opportunities through the Angus Youth Charitable Trust – Generation Angus, supporting the “Next Generation” to make informed decisions.

Angus NZ’s TACE (Trans-Tasman Cattle Evaluation) evaluation is the reference population for ALL REGISTERED Angus Bred animals in NZ and is combined with Registered Angus animals from Australia. TACE gives the Angus Breed a greater reference population ie bigger numbers of animals to compare each other against. 

Marketing Assistance

The AngusNZ magazine is a popular publication with a strong readership and its success has now meant the rolling out of an additional Spring edition to compliment the annual Autumn publication in both print and digital form.

The magazine provides comprehensive sales reports and an array of interesting on-farm stories and also provides a wide range of advertising opportunities for members and businesses to benefit from targeting a readership with a specific interest in Angus beef.

The AngusNZ website is a comprehensive site for all things Angus. Not only does it work to promote the benefit of the breed but it offers a platform for farmers and breeders to access pedigree information, EBV’s, sales catalogues and sales results.

Digital Marketing is a growth channel and one that AngusNZ has embraced. We see excellent engagement through our Facebook and Instagram channels with not only members but the wider industry. Members are able to benefit from the popularity of these channels by having us post bull sales adverts on these channels as well.

As part of our new marketing plan, we’re also expanding the promotional work that we do on your behalf, helping to tell industry stories that deserve to be told. This includes a refreshed e-news for access to industry news, comment and analysis to support your farm business.

Commercially, AngusNZ is pleased offer you marketing support for your sales and stud services. For a competitive price, linking you to our contacts, we can help you to produce high-quality video for online bidding and sale marketing. This complements our existing social media for AngusNZ sale promotion and will support your own stud marketing initiatives. Once you have your website and social media sorted, make sure you link it to the AngusNZ website and similarly you can link your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to AngusNZ’s to take advantage of our regular posts and generic breed promotion.