DNA testing is available through PBB. PBB is the
New Zealand distributor
for Neogen.

DNA Testing

DNA testing is available through PBB. PBB is the NZ distributor for Neogen.
Click the image below to visit the PBB website for more information.

Ordering DNA Tests

1. Fill out the DNA ordering form once you have taken your DNA samples. Please note that Neogen prefer wet TSU samples and that they will charge slightly more for Hair samples.
2. Email your order form to dna@pbbnz.com
3. Mail your TSU or Hair samples to the PBB offices, 75 South Street, Feilding 4702.
4. The team will double check all the submitted info before we start shipping the samples to AU (PBB has an export permit in place for all breeds). Some charges may apply if we need to make changes to the submitted information.
5. Once we ship the samples to AU, you will get a notification from us. From this point we expect the turnaround time to be around 5 weeks.
6. Once the tests are completed, PBB will be in contact with you. PBB will have complete oversight of the order status so you will be able to ring PBB at any time to get a status update.

Parent Verification

Suffix Verification

The suffix displayed at the end of each animal’s name indicates the DNA parentage verification that has been conducted by Angus New Zealand. The suffixes, and respective definitions are:

PVBoth parents have been verified by DNA
SVThe sire has been verified by DNA
DV The Dam has been verified by DNA
#DNA verification has not been conducted
EDNA verification has identified the sire/or Dam may possibly be incorrect,
but this cannot be confirmed