Within these Regulations, unless required otherwise by the context, the following words shall have the meanings ascribed to them;

“AB” means Artificially Bred.

“AI” means Artificial Insemination.

“Approved Status” Those animals that pass Inspection under rules laid down in the Inspection Manual will assume this status.

“Association” means The New Zealand Angus Association (Inc.) (N.Z.A.A.)

“Breeder” in respect of an animal, means, the person into whose ownership the animal is born.

“Calf Entry Return” means the official form for the entry of produce into the Herd Book.

“Current Inspection Manual” The rules and guidelines that govern Inspection of Angus cattle in New Zealand.

“Discount” Discount applies to online registrations.

“Embryo Transfer Certificate” is a certificate completed by the E.T. technician / E.T. Centre at the time of embryo transfer verifying the sire and dam.

“ET” means Embryo Transplant.

“Herd Code” means a unique three-letter code registered with the Association Office for individual herds.

“Insemination Certificate” is a certificate completed by the A.I. technician at the time of insemination verifying the sire and dam.

“Inspection” This is a service offered by the Association to breeding members as a form of quality assurance. Animals of a minimum age which pass Inspections may assume an

“Approved Status” and may be promoted under the associated NZAA.

“Approved Status” logo which is as follows:

“Yearling Inspection” Animals under the age of 18 months which pass inspection may be promoted under the associated NZAA logo which is as follows:

“Inspector” is a recognised person appointed by the New Zealand Angus Association Council to undertake Inspections under terms laid out in the New Zealand Angus Association Inspection Manual.

“Pedigree” cattle that are registered but record pedigree only.

“Pedigree Performance” cattle that are registered and record pedigree and performance.

“Prac” cattle that are unregistered but record performance.

“Pre List Dam” is a breeding female on the New Zealand Angus Register that will calve during the next twelve months and whose calf will be included in the next calving return.

“Registrar” means the person or persons employed by or on behalf of the Association to maintain the Association’s animal database (register).

“Station Number” refers to the number assigned to each animal within the herd as described in Regulation 1.1.1.

“The Council” refers to the Council of the NZ Angus Association.