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The New Zealand Angus
Youth Charitable Trust (NZAYCT)

The NZAYCT was set up in 1997.

It has three trustees who administer the trust on behalf of Angus New Zealand Inc.

The three trustees are:

  • Lindsay Johnstone
  • Stephen Herries
  • Grant Crawshaw

The Objects of the trust are;

(a) To organise or provide or assist in the organisation or provision of assistance and facilities of all kinds to enable the youth of New Zealand to further their education and understanding of the Angus Cattle Pedigree Breed and who by reason of their age or social and economic circumstances may have need for such assistance and facilities and with a view to advancing this object:

i. To contribute funds toward the study costs of tertiary students;

ii. To contribute funds for the purpose of educational activities associated with the Angus pedigree breed including but not limited to judging schools and youth camps;

iii. To contribute funds toward the subsidising of youth exchanges with other countries with the purpose of providing New Zealand youth with the opportunity to actively take part in and observe the international farming practices with respect to Angus pedigree cattle and the Angus pedigree breed;

iv. To do all such things as in the opinion of the trustees will increase the knowledge and awareness about the Angus pedigree breed for the youth of New Zealand.

(b) Generally, to do whatever is consistent with foregoing objects to improve the knowledge of New Zealand Youth.

PROVIDED ALWAYS that notwithstanding anything in this deed, the objects herein shall always be confined to purposes within New Zealand which are charitable according to the law of New Zealand.