We believe in building balanced relationships through greater transparency.

AngusNZ has multiple partners in the processing and livestock industries:

Partnerships with key industry associates are not only vital for our ongoing development, they are crucial for advancing knowledge, connecting people, promoting excellence and creating reciprocal relationships, for the rural heartland of New Zealand. We place great significance on building transparent relationships with a strong connection to our breeders, dairy farmers and the rural sector alike. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend to you the opportunity to have your organisation partner with Angus New Zealand. Each sponsorship proposal allows organisations to select options that have been designed to appeal to differing marketing objectives and budgets, while creating value for your business. Our overall intention is to offer a collaborative relationship which can be measured and analysed through transparent reporting against key objectives we determine together from the outset. To discuss how we can accommodate your individual business needs and alternative advertising opportunities with AngusNZ, please contact our General Manager – Jane Allan, office@angusnz.com or 027 593 0377.