The Angus Board

Mike Smith

Mike was immersed in Angus early. His parents were founding members of the Kincardine Angus Stud and were heavily involved with Angus New Zealand. As a 10-year-old, Mike led cattle at the Canterbury A&P Show and helped at the Angus NZ tent, building a platform for a lifetime association with the breed.

After managing several properties from large corporate to private stud operations, Mike headed overseas and began contracting out his services in the UK where, in his travels, he experienced many different cultures and challenging situations.

Based in Central Otago, he now owns and runs the Kincardine Angus Stud and is a director of the Gems group of education facilities,  where there is a real team first approach and a focus on developing leadership whilst creating an environment for both teachers and children thrive.

Mike has a passion and love for the Angus breed and thoroughly enjoys the day-to-day involvement with his own cattle, whilst also being able to step inside the board room and have robust discussions on the future of the Angus breed. His commercial and practical experiences are willingly shared in his community contributions, which include a term as President of Lake Hayes Show.

George Philip

George Philip, a sheep and beef farmer near Dannevirke, joins the Angus Zealand board after an introduction to the association through the GenAngus Future Leaders Development programme.

George in his 4th season on an inter-generational property at Weber after entering a family succession process with his father John and uncle, Willy Philip. The Angus stud, Dandaleith, is an 870ha breeding block on hill country and the property is complimented by a 200ha flat land block in Dannevirke, which grows out male progeny and lambs.

George is a 5th generation Philip on the hill block and he’ll continue to work the property alongside his dad and uncle. Dandaleith Angus was established in 1951 by George’s grandad, Bill Philip, who was a Scottish immigrant from Dandaleith, near Aberlour in the Moray district of Scotland. He started the stud and ran it at Anui, near Dannevirke.

Willie Philip carried on the stud and brought the cows out to “Ratanui”, the family’s breeding block at Weber.

George started out specialising in rural accounting before joining ASB Bank. Now in his late ‘30s, he’s married to Laura and the couple has two young preschool girls. He sees the Angus New Zealand role as an opportunity for personal growth, being relatively new to hands-on farming and cattle breeding.

Independent Directors

Kendall Langston
Vice President & Independent Board Director

Kendall believes that in order for leaders and organisations to thrive in the future they need to commit to professional governance, leadership development, surround themselves with the best advisors, mentors & talent they can find. They need to constantly adapt & evolve to ensure future success.

As a qualified Independent Director, Kendall is a diverse thinker and experienced professional leader.

He is a Partner at Pivot & Pace Ltd & his current role as a Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach means he interacts and supports a number of Board Chairs. His consulting practice is an approved NZTE provider for larger NZ companies being funded for export growth. This has involved a number of mergers, acquisitions, capital funding projects, restructures and professional interaction with board advisors (financial, legal, capital funding, Government
funding, R & D).

This role means Kendall often actively supports the development of Advisory Board or formal board structures.

Angela Taylor
Independent Board Director

For over a decade, I have supported farmers and growers understand their risk inside and outside the farm gate. Joining agriculture by choice and now farming with my partner, I’ve held a range of provincial and national roles with FMG and Federated Farmers. Being energized by building extensive networks and experiences across the industry, I’m a strategic, committed, commercially sound, and well-connected advocate of New Zealand farmers and growers.

I’m a values driven leader supporting others to achieve; whether that is farmers looking to understand the opportunity and risks to their businesses, helping clients minimise disruption to their lives and livelihoods, seeing communities recover from adverse events, or helping colleagues and associates to thrive.

It is the combination of my corporate and non-profit experience that will bring the most value to Angus New Zealand. Being able to understand the needs of our members, support and constructively challenge our activities, and see opportunities for the commercial operation is where my strengths and interests are. I’m excited to be involved and look forward to seeing many of our members at upcoming events.

Jane Allan
General Manager
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Megan Friel
Board Member

Alan Donaldson
Board Member

Paul Williams
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