AngusNZ has an influence on the commercial Beef herd of New Zealand and supports approximately 11,000 bull calf registrations per annum.

Angus New Zealand (AngusNZ), is an incorporated society representing the registered Angus cattle breeders of New Zealand. Our aim is to support members and ensure the on-going integrity of the breed while promoting AngusNZ genetics to beef farmers and the wider industry. Following the development of a clear strategic plan, we’re on a journey to build long-term, meaningful connections which not only support our members but grow and support organisations that are connected to us.

Summed up, our job is “Angus Beef Genetics Service Facilitator” and our promise is “Better Balanced Beef”.

AngusNZ members receive registration services, marketing support and regular information via monthly e-newsletters, annual ‘Angus NZ’ magazine and monthly TransTasman Cattle Evaluation (TACE) report for registered bulls and cows. An incorporated society governed by an elected Board of members and independently appointed directors, the AngusNZ Association works to promote the Angus breed and to serve the interests of its members.

Specifically, we provide an exclusive database and a trusted, premium brand that delivers inspiration and value, in the form of return on investment and accurate information. Through Angus NZ, you can also expect engagement with fellow members and investment in future industry leaders, farmers and board members. This investment is often in partnership with contracted providers (business), associate employees, joint venture partners and sponsors.

Angus is New Zealand’s largest and leading beef breed and has an influence on the commercial Beef herd of New Zealand and supports approximately 11,000 bull calf registrations per annum. The breed’s strengths are well-proven.

From maintaining pedigree records of New Zealand’s (and the world’s) finest beef breed, to marketing top quality AngusPure beef to the world, the AngusNZ Association supports Angus stud breeders in their efforts to ensure the very best genetics are available to commercial farmers and – further along the chain – to meat processors, marketers and, ultimately, to consumers.

Better, Balanced Beef

Balance is everything in Angus production: the meat is a perfect balance of taste, texture and flavour. Cattle are a trusted balance of fertility, growth and performance. All of this, while strong Angus genetics remain the foundation of New Zealand’s beef industry.

As an Angus breeder you can expect:

  • Cattle well suited to New Zealand’s farming systems.
  • Cattle with great adaptability to the varying conditions of altitude, topography, climate, nutrition and management.
  • Cattle with the resilience to cope with feed shortages and to recover quickly from drought and harsh winter conditions.
  • Easy calving, high growth rate sires capable of producing progeny meeting market requirements – In a large organised cross breeding trial in New Zealand, females mated to Angus sires showed fewer problems at calving than those mated to a selection of seven other breed sires.
  • Calves which grow rapidly and efficiently on pasture or in a feedlot, reaching optimal weights at eighteen months of age.
  • Dams which are known for their maternal traits, mothering ability, early cycling and consistency.
  • Dams who are good foragers, with longevity and constant production.
  • Angus beef that consistently achieves more desirable results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, fat depth, meat colour and pH assuring a tastier and more tender product. (For further details on Angus beef please refer to the section on AngusPure®.)