The success of the Angus breed is mostly down to its reliability, resilience, efficiency, and adaptability – all attributes you want in a balanced breeding system. Farmers using AngusNZ cattle will also find a fast-maturing breed with a high maternal focus and consistent-quality carcass characteristics. 

Proven strengths include:
  • excellence in fertility
  • hardiness
  • foraging ability; and
  • grass conversion efficiency.

AngusNZ genetics have been widely used in cross-breeding, becoming increasingly popular in the dairy industry where Angus/dairy cross are recognised for their ease of calving, rapid growth and quality beef. 

Not content to corner the market on producing world-class genetics, AngusNZ is also a winner in taste and tenderness: AngusNZ beef consistently achieves top results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, meat colour and pH.

Making the most of these attributes, AngusNZ has led the way in beef marketing with its flagship top-end beef brand, ‘AngusPure’. Launched in 1998, AngusPure has gone from strength to strength, and remains the country’s most successful branded beef product, recognised nationally and internationally for taste, quality and consistency. The success of AngusPure has led to higher demand for Angus cattle, premiums for supply, and increasing demand, growth and prosperity for Angus farmers throughout New Zealand.