Something for everyone at the Taranaki King Country Conference and Ward Tour

The new look Taranaki King Country Angus Conference and Ward Tour has been a hailed a success with guests taking home a raft of information to help improve their personal businesses as well as the Angus breed as a whole.

Positive feedback has been flowing for the fresh format that included a one-day conference followed by self-guided stud visits.

Taranaki King Country Ward Chairman Alan Donaldson of Puke-Nui Angus Stud said there had been plenty of positive feedback and the ward was only too pleased to have hosted the new-look event.

“As a ward we felt it was time for a new concept and we didn’t want to run the risk of having to cancel again due to Covid-19.”

He said this year’s conference and self-guided tour replaced the originally scheduled bus-based Ward Tour in 2020, cancelled due to the pandemic.

The committee based everything at the Plymouth International Hotel.

“We must mention the Hotel. They did an extremely good job as a conference centre. They assisted us through the cancellation of our 2020 event and they were exceptionally helpful with our new format. They were outstanding.”

Alan said the conference day on Friday was a full day of high profile and notable speakers with about 80 people attending.

Alan credited fellow breeder Andrew Jolly for his input into securing the excellent line up of technical speakers. While he rated all the speakers, two stood out for him personally.

“Dorian Garrick has such a wealth of knowledge. And he is skilled in putting that technical genetic knowledge across so we can call understand it and he holds the crowd’s attention with sometimes complex topics.”

Wrapping up the day of speakers was All Black Manager Gilbert Enoka – with the topic leading in challenging times.

Alan said Gilbert was the perfect speaker to end the day on as he covered the mental aspect of individual and team success.

“It didn’t matter if you were a rugby fan or not he covered mental development and achievement that could be applied to any aspect of life – from cattle breeding to your personal life.”
“He had everyone’s undivided attention for the time he spoke. It was incredible, he had a take home message for everyone.”

Ward Tour committee member Andrew Jolly of Hingaia Angus said it was great to hear about a combination of new technology available within Angus and what breeders can do in the future to take breeding programmes to the next level.

“They were all exceptional speakers.”

He said the conference content covered off a lot of ways to improve efficiency within the industry.

“Andrew Russo talked about AI and Embryo Transfers, Sarah Reichardt shared ways we can raise awareness of our business to customers through social media, Nathan Penny shared how the beef sector is looking positive post Covid and Harry Faas shared all the new technology that’s coming out from PBB.”

“There were lots of positive ideas and information everyone could take home and incorporate in their business to take it forward,” said Andrew.

“Dorian spoke at a breeder level on who we can improve our personal business but also as a breed and Gilbert opened our minds to ways to improve ourselves mentally.”

Andrew says the conference highlighted how much innovation there is available for breeders going forward.
Following the conference, guests could take part in a self-guided ward tour with 12 breeders throughout Taranaki and King Country opening their gates up to welcome visitors at their leisure.

Alan said this provided a change in pace to traditional bus tours and meant hosting breeders could spend more time talking to individual visitors.

“Visitors also got to see our region and a lot commented on the great experience they had at Whangamōmona Pub. It sounds like that was one of the highlights from a regional aspect.”

The next ward tour is scheduled for 2023 in the Wairarapa.

Youth Auction results

Lot 1 – Wine – $500 – Orere Angus
Lot 2 – Stokman Real Deal straws – $1000 – Kowai Angus
Lot 3 – White Swan Voucher – $400 Kaharau Angus
Lot 4 – HB Semen Package – $500 – Shamrock Angus
Lot 5 – Six 60 tickets + accommodation – $440 – Tod Barrell (Boehringer Ingelheim)
Lot 6 – Cricklewood Pandemic straws – $1700 – Kaharau Angus
Lot 7 – Totara Post Carving – $300 – Bruce Johns (Kaiwara Angus)
Lot 7A – Totara Batten Carving – $310-  Waiterenui Angus
Lot 8 – 5L Eclipse – $1400 – Rockley Angus
Lot 8A – 2.5L Eclipse – $700 – Timperlea Angus
Lot 9 – Silver Fern Farms Meat Pack – $220 – Mangaotea Angus
Lot 9A – Silver Fern Farms Meat Pack – $250 – Glanworth Angus
Lot 9B – Silver Fern Farms Meat Pack – $270 – Pukenui Angus
Lot 10 – Rydges Hotel Voucher – $600 – Kenhardt Angus
Lot 11 – Ben Nevis Metamorphic straws – $400 – Kowai Angus 
Lot 12 – Leefield Station Chardonnay – $400 – Rangatira Angus
Lot 12A – Leefeild Station Pinot Noir – $370 – Warren McKey (ANZCO Foods) 
Lot 13 – Boehringer Ingelheim T-Shirt – $110 – Shian Angus
Lot 13A – Boehringer Ingelheim T-Shirt – $120 – Angela Hogg (FMG)

Total Raised: $10,230