AngusNZ President’s Message: The Value of Data

Angus New Zealand is plotting a new course, having spent most of the past year finalising a new strategic plan and vision. Quite simply, we’ve agreed that the past won’t take us into the future.

Looking ahead, it’s worth remembering how much we can gain from working together in this organisation. I believe the one thing that members don’t value enough, is the value of their data. Data is the single biggest asset that AngusNZ holds on behalf of its members – and you can use that data to tell a pretty good story.

You’ll already know, but it’s worth repeating, that this data is accessible to the general livestock buyer– not just association members.

So, while we cherish our traditions, the strategic plan and vision is really trying to future focus the organisation. In my view, we need to be more than just a facilitator for registry services and processing of performance data, because a lot of that now can be done with science. You can do this just by taking a snip out of cattle beast’s ear – and as long as background data is there, those DNA providers can now go into a bank of data to help the farmer. So, AngusNZ needs to be keeping ahead, adding value that science providers can’t.

I firmly believe that if we all work together, with the right intent and strategic plan, Angus New Zealand can become an influencer in the meat industry.

We recognise that it’s now 12 months or so since a group of breeders decided to exit AngusNZ for a move to Australia.

Let me confirm that, for all the industry interest in the impact of this move, AngusNZ continues to provide all the high-quality, efficient services you’ve come to expect, delivered via our relationship with Performance Beef Breeders. These services include all performance recording and registry work, including direct access to our Angus registrar, Linda Rule.  As ever, through PBB you will also have access to graphic design and sale catalogue services through Pivot Design, DNA testing and links to the latest industry news and technology. Plus, you’ll get fast and convenient purchase of ear tags, for instance.

Less tangibly, but just as importantly, you’ll get the people factor through your AngusNZ membership. In my experience, it’s this networking that adds so much to farm life. Ultimately, through AngusNZ, we can come together to share our knowledge and make our industry better.

And that co-operation has got to be good, because at the end of the day, we’re all one breed, one team – producing a balanced product.