A Wonderful Start

Gisborne Herald, by Murray Robertson, 29th June 2021

EAST Coast Angus Bull Week got off to a flying start yesterday when Tangihau at Rere achieved a total sell-out including a $45,000 animal.

The 31 rising two-year-olds bulls put up for sale at Tangihau Station went for an average of $14,225.

The top-priced animal, the first of the sale (Lot 1), was bought by Shian Angus from Taumarunui.

“He was a bull with real presence about him,” said auctioneer Neville Clark from Carrfields.

The depth of the catalogue of “wonderful bulls,” as Mr Clark described them, was illustrated when Lot 31 went for $28,000.

He was bought by KayJay Angus from the Wairarapa.

Once again one of the bulls was sold for charity, with $19,000 going to Ngatapa Sports Club. Initially Tom Lane from Property Brokers bought the bull for $6000 then donated it back to the stud to sell again in the auction and it realised a further $13,000.

“This was a great beginning, with a line-up of very well-presented cattle that I’m sure will be representative of what we’ll see for the rest of the week,” former auctioneer Bruce Orr said.

Mr Clark said the rostrum at Tangihau was packed.

“The stud was paid for its efforts and the buyers will be paid for theirs. It was a wonderful start to the week.”

Tangihau studmaster Dean McHardy said it was good to get a couple of bulls away to other studs.

“We’re very happy with how the sale turned out. It’s pleasing to have a total clearance and have our repeat buyers come back. The bulls from here are obviously doing it for them.”

Mr Clark paid tribute to the late John Bayly from Cricklewood at Nuhaka, and Tangihau, who was farewelled in a funeral service on Sunday.

“John was a great servant of the cattle industry.”

Tangihau sale results: Shian Farms P/ship $45,000; Mangatawhiti Station $15,000, $11,000; DR Sherson $20,000; Hildreth Farms Ltd $15,000; Wairere Station $12,000; Kim Young and Sons $15,000, $12,000; Waimaha Station $12,000; Te Whanga Station $12,000; Highland Station $11,000; Fergus Rural $11,000, $12,000; Waitangi Terrace Station $13,000, $12,000; Marika Station $14,000; Pickering Farming Ltd $13,000, Glenbrae P/ship $20,000; Mangatoitoi Station $15,000, $13,000; Marewa Station $13,000, $11,500; Te Uranga B2 Inc $12,000; Okare Station $13,000; Property Brokers $6000; Gen Alva Ltd $11,000; Tutumatai Station $9000, $11,500; Kohunui Station $12,000; GJ Hope $10,000, $7000; Kayjay Cattle Co Ltd $28,000.