Turihaua yearlings make top dollar

TURIHAUA Angus recorded the top price in the yearling bull sales in the district on Wednesday, with $10,000 paid for two of the youngsters.

Lot 4 was purchased by Whareopaia Station from Tolaga Bay, who also bought another at $8000.

The other $10,000 sale, Lot 13, was snapped up by Whana Whana Station in Hawke’s Bay.

The sale average across the 24 yearling bulls sold was $5479, the best average across the three sales here this week.

Turihaua also sold four two-year-old bulls for an average price of $4500.

“It was a buyers’ market in our sale,” said Turihaua stud manager Paul Williams.

“We had some good, loyal clients who are still progressing with their heifer mating programmes.

“We were definitely happy that everyone went away with a reliable bull for their girls, and it always feels good to deliver them to new homes.”

He was also pleased with the attendance at the sale, with a good crowd and plenty of supporters.

“The bulls have come through the year very well. “I feel it was an impressive line-up of young bulls and the quality of what we’re selling shines through them.”

Auctioneer Neville Clark said the sale had a very good tone to it.

“It was a good sale.”

Whangara Angus and Ratanui Angus at Tolaga Bay sold 36 yearlings between them at their sales on Tuesday, for an average $3767 and $4715 respectively.

“Ratanui’s was a very successful first-up sale,” Mr Clark said.

“Whangara’s was a good one too. The cattle were good shopping, good numbers and good types.”

by Murray Robertson Published September 26, 2020 10:01AM GISBORNE HERALD