Spring bull sale clearances

Megan and Kevin Friel of Mt Mable Angus

Halfway through the Spring Bull Sales, the highest price achieved has been $20,000 by Stokman Angus in Rotorua, followed by $15,000 made by Craigmore Herefords, Ohaupo.

Stokman had a full clearance of 97 yearling bulls on September 16 and averaged $4457.

Craigmore sold 96 out of 98 yearling bulls offered on September 14 and averaged $3398.

The best average so far appears to be $5820 for 29 sold of 30 offered by Mt Mable Angus, Woodville, on September 21, where $9000 was made twice.

Other high prices included $13,000 made by Mahuta Herefords at Glen Murray on September 18, when 56 of 57 sold for an average of $3414.

Near Masterton on September 10, the McFadzeans sold 28 out of 33 yearling Meat Maker Angus-Simmental bulls with a top price of $11,000 and an average of $3709.

A top price of $10,000 was made by Turihaua Angus, Gisborne when they sold 24 or 29 on September 23, averaging a very good $5479.

Morrison Ezicalve Hereford yearling bulls sold strongly to a smaller number of attendees along with 20 or more registered on Bidr.

The full clearance of 90 yearlings averaged $3550 with a top price of $6400. 

At the Ratanui Angus sale in Gisborne on September 22, the average was $4715 for 19 sold with a top of $7500.

Whangara Angus on the same day sold 17 to average $3676 with a top of $5500.

With similar top prices, but a week earlier, were Waitangi Angus, Pahia, with $7200 and Riverton Hereford, Fordell, with $7000.

Waitangi sold 85 at $3750, and Riverton 106 yearlings at $3120 and 45 two-year-olds at $2757.

One of the biggest early sales was at Mangaotea, Taranaki, where 169 one and two-year-old Angus, Hereford, Murray Grey and Jersey bulls sold with averages between $2100 and $3275.

by Hugh Stringleman, FARMERS WEEKLY, 25th September 2020