Angus female top and averages broken at Circle 8

By Brent Tindal , The Land, September 8th

New Australian record priced unjoined heifer, Circle 8 Rosebud S669, sold for $140,000 to Mackas Angus, Salt Ash. Photo: Supplied

Circle 8 Angus has broken the Australian Angus breed record average for registered females, as well as set a new benchmark for the highest price paid Angus unjoined yearling heifer at its 30th anniversary bull and female sale today at Marulan.

The new Angus female sale average record of $20,950 has eclipsed the previous record of $13,709 set by Millah Murrah Angus, Bathurst at its female sale in 2017.

The sale also resulted in the record falling for the highest price unjoined Angus yearling heifer sold at auction when a bold bid of $140,000 was made by Robert Mackenzie, Mackas Angus, Salt Ash, who continues to purchase top end Angus genetics to produce an elite Angus female herd.

In all, the Circle 8 Angus sale achieved a full clearance of 62 bulls to a top of $40,000 and average of $15,590, while 78 S-drop heifers topped the day at $140,000 and averaged a staggering $20,950.

The $140,000 record-breaking heifer, Circle 8 Rosebud S669, was a daughter of HPCA Proceed, out of a Circle 8 E11 Rosebud L122 female, with a top one per cent of the breed intramuscular (IMF) figure of +5.7.

Circle 8 Angus principal Jeremy Cooper said the sale was a great way to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Volume buyer Mark Barnett, Barnett Angus, Westbury, Tasmania, was losing bidder on the top female, but also bought many of the top females.

Mr Barnett said Circle 8 has changed the industry by offering the entire draft, and has now established a genuine value for Angus female in Australia.

“He (Jeremy) has created a real value for females and off the back of the top bulls selling this season and the great females that back them, stud breeders are realising the impact of having high quality productive females in their herd,” he said.