Achievements – A Year in Review #2 #2

Another calendar year nearly done and for AngusNZ it’s been about maintaining a strong focus on our strategic plan and keeping our association at the forefront of the beef industry.

Angus has held its position in the marketplace, backed by extremely strong autumn/winter 2-year old sales and repeated with strong yearling results in the spring sale.

Around the AngusNZ board table, we were pleased to appoint another independent director, Angela Hogg, who immediately added her strong understanding of strategic, commercial thinking and experience of rural business through her involvement with Federated Farmers and FMG. You might also say that Angela represents a purposeful demographic, for the organisation, the breed and the wider industry.

Our membership survey Nett Promoter Score (NPS) had a very good participation response. While the score may not have been as high as we would have liked, it is an important step forward for the board to measure how we are perceived by our members and it has given light to where we need to focus some attention for the future good of the association.

In the past year we’ve had a particular focus on engaging younger members to become involved, highlighted by an Introduction to Governance course in October. We utilised the skills of independent director  Kendall Langston to facilitate the day and it was well received by those who took part. At around the same time we also sponsored three younger members to attend an Angus Australia Leadership course in Adelaide. Again, the participants came home with valuable insights and fired with enthusiasm.

Challenges for 2023 include the loss of a key income stream, with live exports being stopped by Government legislation in April. This will leave a significant hole to fill but it has also shown us the value of the data that we hold for our members. We are continuing to explore in the market where else our data could add value to other businesses.

AngusNZ have had two vacancies around the board table for breeding members over the last year. Board elections are coming up for 2023 and I urge members to consider adding their input to Angus NZ: it’s a great place to develop governance skills and to be involved in decisions that the New Zealand farming businesses can benefit from.

Meantime we’ll also be keeping an eye on legislation, fulfilling an important advocacy role to explain and protect the good work that the country’s beef farmers have achieved over the years – and to promote the science that will be required to keep Angus ahead of the industry.

I sincerely thank you for your efforts and engagement through the year and hope you’re able to enjoy spending time with family and friends over the Christmas break. I look forward to the Angus Conference in the Wairarapa in April 2023 and urge you all to attend.

Best wishes,

John Cochrane