Registry Report December 2023

Christmas Is Fast Approaching! 

An important reminder that the December Group Run Cut Off has been brought forward to Wednesday 6th December to work around Christmas.

Please ensure you have all data submitted to the Registry team by then to have your data included in the December evaluation.

The Registry Office will be closed for a short break from midday Friday, 22nd December and will re-open again on Monday 8th January 2024.

Registry Hot Tip

Can I register my calves before I DNA test them? 

DNA testing and calves is a like the chicken and egg situation – What should you do first? There is no right or wrong way, as it depends on what suits your farming system. There are, however, important things to consider.

Scenario One – Registering your calves first.

A sire and dam need to be assigned to a calf in order for it to be registered. If registering a calf before DNA has been completed, you are required to put suggested parents before submitting calf registrations. Once DNA has been completed the results are automatically loaded into the system and parents update to match qualifying results.

Scenario Two – DNA completed before your calves are registered.

The calves herdbook numbers will have to be pre-empted for the DNA forms as this information needs to match the Angus database for the results to be eventually loaded. It is important to note that DNA results are not automatically loaded if done in this order. 

Once you have registered your calves you will have to notify your DNA provider to have these results loaded into the system. 

Importing Sires

When importing sires, it is important to make sure that the correct form is filled out and sent into the PBB Registry team along with ALL the documents listed on the form. Without the correct documents, the import process cannot begin.

Recording Weights

Did you know there is also an Excel Template for recording weights? If you would like to try this way of recording instead of Internet Solutions, get in touch with us and we will pre-fill the excel before sending it out via email.

Registry Reminders

Take a sample! Now is the time to ensure all your used sires and dams have the required* DNA on file with AngusNZ before submitting your calf registrations to avoid any hold ups. 

             *All used Sires must have an SNP profile with Sire Verification. Used sires born from 01/01/2020 must be tested free of the Genetic Defects AM, CA, DD, NH. And all Dams 2018 onwards must have Sire Verification.

All transfers both Female and Male require a DNA profile, sire verification and to be tested free of the Genetic Defects AM, CA, DD, NH. A transfer cannot be processed until these have been completed. 

If you have sold semen to another AngusNZ breeder, please ensure you have completed an AI Registration Form.  This form is required to be filled out by the current owner for any sire being used for the purpose of AI outside of your own herd but within New Zealand (ie. sold semen to another breeder) 

Keep up to date with your recording by following the Registry Calendar.

New Days to Calving Excel Templates Now Available

ABRI have announced the availability of four new Microsoft Excel templates that can be used to submit Days to Calving (DTC) information to BREEDPLAN. It is expected that these templates will assist breeders in the submission of DTC.

Sam, Sage and Lisa
PBB Registry Team
P: (06) 323 4484