Marketing Your Bulls 

Our Autumn 2023 magazine included recommendations for marketing your bulls (page 115). If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, here are some of the key points: 

1: Know Your Audience 

It costs more to target a wide audience than a narrow one. There are more than just ‘sheep and beef farmers’. What region are they from? What type of farm do they have? What is their age range? What interests do they hold? 

Use this information to start growing a database of current and potential clients 

2: The 80/20 Rule 

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your clientele. To maintain communication, other than sending a catalogue, consider touching base or visiting them during the year to discuss how their bulls are performing or to discuss their breeding plan. 

Keep them informed via a social channel, or with digital newsletters using Campaign Monitor/Mail Chimp throughout the year. 

Have an on-farm Open Day or get involved in a local farm discussion group or field day. 

3: Catalogue 

A catalogue is a vital tool to assist your clients with bull selection as well as an opportunity to market your stud. Through Angus New Zealand you have access to an easy-to-use catalogue design service through the Member Resources website. If you have any queries about this, contact Adele at Pivot Design to discuss 06 323 0740 

4: Traditional v Digital Advertising 

When you run a print or radio advertisement it goes out to a large audience it can be difficult to track performance. Digital enables you to more closely track your audience, define your spending and track the result. (See the Spring magazine for more advice on managing digital marketing) 


Start with what you know best 

  • Producing quality stock with good genetics supported with well-respected data. 
  • Tell your story to a specific audience that needs to hear it, in a way that is simple to understand and focused on their needs, not yours. 
  • Invest in good imagery to showcase your stock  
  • Be realistic with your marketing budget – consider at least a spend of 2-5% of past sale turnover 
  • Be prepared and don’t leave it to the last minute 

Good marketing is the key to selling your bulls. The ideal first port of call is a marketing and design firm that has experience in the rural sector.