Is your bull ready to work?

By Alastair Rayner, RaynerAg

No doubt the attention of breeders across the country is closely focussed on the price of bulls across the country.  With many of these bulls due to go into joining programs this year, it’s vital you think about your current sire battery and their ability to manage the challenges of a joining period.

Within your existing bull battery its essential to set some time aside to ensure your bulls are capable of undertaking this years joining season successfully.  Looking at the statistics (above) is pretty sobering.  Research suggests a significant issue with unsound or sub fertile bulls.  It’s important not to overlook your young bulls.  While we often think about infertility, lameness is one of the major contributing factors towards unsoundness in bulls.

Its definitely worth engaging a vet to assess your bulls for their Breeding Soundness.  You can then make some strategic decisions on managing bulls with small issues – such as pairing him with a sound bull – or removing him from the joining line up. An early assessment can give you greater control and avoid longer term issues with lower than expected conception rates.

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