Get active on Socials

And no, I’m not talking about joining the gym! I am talking about getting moving on social media.

So by get active I mean, create, post, tag, share and interact (like, comment, hashtag).

The more active you are and the more you interact with others on social media, the more exposure you will bring to your business.

To be most effective, businesses should look to be active in two or, at most, three networks and distribute content and assets in a focused way.

So how do you go about being active?

Create – set a goal for what you want to achieve; be creative with your graphics and incorporate storytelling, the who, the what, the how and tell that story visually; use best design practices,  make  your  designs  or  images  ‘pop’,  but keep the design simple and clean so you audience understands the message; and be consistent  with  your  brand,  make is recognisable and avoid content, visual  or  otherwise  that does not accurately reflect your  brand;  embrace multimedia, images, video and multimedia content (GIFs, emoji and stickers).

Post regularly & at peak times – If you aren’t active, your followers may forget about you and give your content the best chance to gain visibility by posting when your followers are most active.

Tags encourage engagement – So make sure you @ any businesses that you work with, whether it is your AI technician, a semen company, your livestock agent, bank or even Angus NZ.

Share – sharing content from other like-minded businesses to you profile increases engagement and breaks up being overly self-promotional and can establish you profile as a source of useful information. This allows you to maintain a health balance between original content and content curated by others. Before you know it, you will be considered and influencer.

Interact with your audience – do this regularly to keep them coming back. Be personable and use emojis, trending hashtags, reply to their comments, like their comments, start conversations.

Tip – if you are promoting your bull or female sale, make sure you tag Angus New Zealand!