Genomics Update September 2023

Did you know PBB now has a Genetics Data Analyst?

We would like to welcome Rochelle who lives in Halcombe on a sheep and beef farm and has a keen interest in both farming and science. Rochelle has joined us in a new full-time role, created to support the Genomics Team.

Her role involves analysing the diagnostic reports to identify genotype issues and seek improvement on genotype processes. Rochelle will be working closely with external service providers and will provide regular updates to the individual breed societies with progress. Communication with our customers to accurately explain errors and support them to resolve genotype issues, as well as prevent future issues occurring wherever possible is a priority.

Rochelle Addenbrooke – PBB Genetics Analyst
E: P: (06) 323 0743


We are very pleased to have Rochelle join the DNA team to focus on the diagnostic reports!

Every month ABRI and AGBU produce a diagnostic report for breeds under the PBB umbrella that include their data in a Single-Step Genomic Evaluation.

These reports list all of the SNP genotypes that have “failed” to be included in the Evaluation and highlight the reason why they have been excluded. It is then part of PBBs role to work through and resolve these issues for breeders, to improve the accuracy of the data. This may involve updating the recorded animal details in ILR2/BREEDPLAN or collecting a new sample from the animal (if possible). Breeders will already have received Neogen results from PBB DNA for these animals, such as a 100K SNP profile, poll test, genetic conditions and parentage results (run by PBB).

Following SNP testing, genotype data is extracted and included in the monthly Single-Step Genomic Evaluation. AGBU who currently run the Evaluations have separate sample quality criteria and because of that the animals flagged with the problem codes have been excluded from the Evaluation. There are any number of reasons why this occurs such as incorrect sampling methods.

Please respond to Rochelle if she contacts you regarding animals that have been identified in the diagnostic report. These animals’ EBVs have not been genomically enhanced (and do not display “Genomics” as a Trait Analysed) so it is important we work together to get these issues resolved!


Should you notice your animals not displaying “Genomics” as a Trait Analysed following SNP testing, please contact your DNA service provider.

Contact Rochelle, PBB’s Genetics Data Analyst, if the animals were tested through Neogen & PBB (alternative service providers must be contacted directly).

DNA Portal

PBB has developed a DNA portal system to allow customers easy access to their SNP DNA data processed through Neogen and PBB (for all orders processed February 2023 and onwards).

This service will be available to all customers using the PBB DNA service, at no additional cost. The system will keep a record of customers SNP testing history and will keep you up-to-date with email notifications throughout various stages of the DNA testing process. There will also be alerts for results that need your attention such as positive BVD results or Carrier results for genetic conditions. This will make searching for SNP test details, results and the like much quicker and easier. As for data security, customers can be assured that their data is securely held. All information is confidential, and people can only access and view their own data.

The team, along with our Portal developer, are working together towards a ‘Version 2’ release of the Portal to integrate the Diagnostic reports, so that any animals with genotype issues will be flagged with breeders as soon as the monthly reports become available and are loaded into the Portal. Watch this space!

Need help using the Portal?      
The DNA team have you covered and have created a tipsheet on how to navigate the Portal. Download the tipsheet below.

Megan, Sonya, Rochelle and Sophie (covering Christel who is on maternity leave)
P: 06 323 4484