PBB DNA Genomics Update December 2023

PBB DNA would like to welcome Sophie to the team!

Sophie is passionate about all things farming, having grown up on her family’s hill country station in Taihape.

Sophie has taken on the position of Genetics Technician with the DNA team, covering Christel’s role while she is on maternity leave. Sophie will be handling parentage analysis on all Neogen DNA orders run by PBB through the Helical system and the loading of all Neogen DNA results into the breed databases as well as the PBB DNA Portal. Sophie will also assist customers with sourcing SNP genotypes for parentage from overseas and other DNA service providers. Should you have queries about any of the above, then Sophie will be your main point of contact.

Sophie can also assist you with general DNA enquiries.


Should you notice your animals not displaying “Genomics” as a Trait Analysed online following SNP testing, please contact your DNA service provider.

Contact Rochelle, PBB’s Genetics Data Analyst, if the animals were tested through Neogen & PBB (alternative service providers must be contacted directly).

Neogen Tissue Sampling

As you know, Neogen prides itself on being at the forefront of technological advances, but sometimes it’s better to stick with the tried and trusted.

Neogen strongly supports the use of the most advanced technology for tissue sample collection – Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs). These units are the only form of tissue sampling accepted by Neogen and are considered the gold standard in the industry.

Neogen’s automated sample processing equipment at their new laboratories in QLD, only caters for DNA collected with Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs).

Neogen worked closely with producers and industry over many years in transitioning sample collection from hair and blood cards to Allflex TSUs. Producers have embraced this method because samples collected with Allflex TSUs can be analysed more efficiently than other methods through Neogen’s genomic analysis equipment, enabling an earlier return of test results.

If you need TSU sampling kits, the PBB DNA team always have them in stock and available for immediate dispatch.
We can also loan you one of our TSU applicators if you’re just getting started!

Simply email dna@pbbnz.com to place an order.

The PBB DNA Team

Manager of Data & Genetics

Having worked at PBB for a number of years, Megan oversees everything Genomics related – from order submission, and interpreting results, to genomic evaluations and diagnostic analysing.

Customer Engagement Agent

Sonya looks after our customers during the DNA submission process. She checks, processes and submits all New Zealand DNA orders going to Neogen and assists with the processing of SPI orders for Australian members.

Genetics Data Analyst

Rochelle has joined us in a new full-time role, created to support the Genomics Team. Her role involves analysing the diagnostic reports to identify genotype issues. Rochelle will be working closely with external service providers and will provide regular updates to the individual breed societies with progress. Communication with or customers to accurately explain errors and support them to resolve genotype issues, as well as prevent future issues occurring wherever possible is a priority.

Genetics Technician

Sophie has taken on the position of Genetics Technician with the DNA team, covering Christel’s role while she is on maternity leave. She runs the parentage analysis for the majority of the NZ breeds under the PBB umbrella, using the Helical parentage system and ensures all DNA results are loaded into BREEDPLAN and other relevant systems such as the DNA Portal. Sophie also assists customers with sourcing genotypes from overseas associations and other service providers.

E: dna@pbbnz.com
P: 06 323 4484
W: https://www.pbbnz.com/services/genomics/