AGM and Dinner

This years’ AGM was held on the 10th of March in Queenstown, followed by a dinner with guest speak Matt Chisholm in the build-up to the start of the Eclipse Southern Ward Tour. 

During the AGM Kendall Langston released an update to our Strategic Plan following our early session in December.

At the completion of the AGM, former AngusNZ Chair, John Cochrane was awarded a life membership. John was pivotal in helping reposition AngusNZ and has left the organisation in a stronger position than when he started as a director in 2015. His unwavering dependability, loyalty, honesty and integrity have been vital to ensuring Angus remains at the forefront of the beef industry.

A highlight during the dinner was the re-introduction of the AngusNZ trophies which we foresee becoming a new tradition. Trophies and the recipients were as follows:

• Top price 2yr old bull for 2023 – Stern Angus

• Top price yearling bull for 2023 – Turihaua Angus

• Top price female for 2023 – Meadowslea Angus

• Biggest contribution to the Angus breed for 2023 – Marie Fitzpatrick, Timperley Angus

Trophy recipients from left to right: James Fraser – Stern Angus, Paul Williams – Turihaua Angus, David Giddings – Meadowslea Angus and Linda Timperley – Timperley Angus on behalf of daughter Marie Fitzpatrick.