Angus NZ

Marketing Overview

Angus NZ undertakes marketing that has seen the breed go from strength to strength – but it’s over to you to promote your own stud.

In planning a marketing programme, first identify the key strengths of your product: what makes your cattle stand out from the rest?

Identify your market: who are you selling to? Who do you want to be selling to? How can you assist your clients to improve their performance?

Consider your competition: what do they specialise in? How do they promote themselves? Study those who are marketing themselves well; you can always learn from the successes of others.

How do you get potential customers to notice you?

Good advertising relies on high quality photography, attention-grabbing graphic design and concise wording that highlights your point of difference. Keep the message simple, direct and brief.

To ensure you get the most from your investment in advertising, seek advice from a professional.

Websites and social media – facebook, twitter, linkedin and more – are all about cut-through. In a world where everyone is shouting to be noticed, you have to do something different to be heard. Concentrate on who your market is and how best you can reach them. Don’t assume that what you’ve always done will be enough: it’s a changing world!

Once you have your website sorted, make sure you link it to the NZAA website and similarly, you can link your Facebook page to Angus NZ’s to take advantage of our regular posts and generic breed promotion.

Get involved in your local ward to share marketing ideas and to generate joint initiatives, and think about utilising the range of merchandising and promotional material Angus NZ has available.

And don’t forget to look after your existing customers! It’s far easier to keep existing clients than to win new ones – it can often be as simple as providing good follow-up customer service.