TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE) is formerly known as BreedPlan.

Performance Recording

  • Contemporary groups will be managed in such a way to ensure that all animals allocated to a particular group have an equal opportunity to express their performance. Animals which are given preferential treatment, or animals which are sick or disadvantaged, will be allocated to separate contemporary groups.
  • Breeders submitting calf registration and/or performance records will ensure that they have adequate information available to correctly record the parentage, performance and contemporary group information of all animals.
  • All performance data will be measured using appropriate equipment (and not estimated). Breeders will ensure the correct functioning of scales and other equipment used to measure performance.
  • No animals will be excluded from a contemporary group based on their performance.


  • The most recent Angus GROUP TACE EBVs or Interim EBVs available will be used in advertising material, together with the date of the evaluation (eg 2003 Angus GROUP TACE EBVs; Angus Interim GROUP TACE EBVs, March 2003), and accuracy figures corresponding to each EBV.
  • When an overseas animal has Angus GROUP TACE EBVs available then these figures and corresponding accuracy figures will be included in any advertising material relating to that animal. Inclusion of country of origin genetic evaluations is permitted provided that this information is clearly labelled and the relevant Angus GROUP TACE figures are also published.
  • Any raw data provided on an animal will be clearly labelled, and will not be used instead of available EBVs.
  • All advertisements including EBVs will include the Angus GROUP TACE logo.
  • EBVs will be shown with either a clear +ive or – negative sign.
  • The breed average EBVs including the most recent Angus GROUP TACE Report (Sire Summary) will be included in sale catalogues. Reference to current percentile tables is encouraged.