Collecting Docility Information

Docility scores taken on calves between 60 and 400 days of age are used to calculate Docility EBVs within the TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation (TACE). Recording docility scores Animals can … Read more

Recording Mature Cow Weights

Mature cow weight has been a topical trait in 2020 and whether your breeding program aims to increase, decrease or remain constant the genetic merit of the herd for the trait, the critical practice remains the same. We need to be recording mature cow weights, as it is only with the accurate description of the trait that we as breeders can make the selection and breeding decisions which will ultimately drive the direction of the breed.

Averages up across the board!

The main 2 year old sales period has now concluded and averages are up on 2016 figures by over $1,600 per head. The 2017 average price on 2195 bulls sold was $7,964. The top price for a bull sold by Rangatira was $50,000, again up on the 2016 top price of $32,000. Click here for short cuts to further sales statistics.