A Cut Above – Cooking with AngusPure

Fillet steak with gorgonzola. Yes, gorgonzola, a veined Italian blue cheese, made from unskimmed cow’s milk. I don’t know if it was all in the exotic name, but this dish immediately caught my eye. The image of a glossy fillet, painted with rich, creamy sauce and garnished with roasted walnuts, was far too mouthwatering to resist.

A Cut Above is the new hard-covered recipe book by Gerhard Egger, a book solely dedicated to cooking with AngusPure. The book is a photographic and written journey, introducing you to not only great beef recipes, but also to the beef breeders who have dedicated their lives to the product you’re cooking with.

Six Angus studs are profiled in the book, giving an insight into what makes each individual stud tick. Stunning images provide a clear picture of the landscapes they work within and the dedication of such passionate people, shines through in the results.

With around 80 beef recipes, and all the sauces and condiments to match, there’s something for everyone (except perhaps a vegetarian).

All the classic favourites are there; beef stroganoff, corned beef, gulasch and bolognese. As well as those slightly more gourmet, including mozzarella stuffed meat balls, carpaccio or short ribs with coffee and ginger.

As you work through however, the recipes take a twist to the more unusual… Now, in all fairness, I’m not usually one for getting too adventurous with using ALL parts of the carcass in my cooking. However if creamed sweetbreads, soy and honey tripe, tongue salad or spleen dumplings take your fancy, you can be assured that you’ll be very satisfied with the recipe selection on offer.

It has been said that AngusPure captures the natural goodness of it’s environment. I feel it must be said, that A Cut Above will capture your tastebuds and help you to release more that just a little of that ‘goodness’.

There’s beef, there’s Angus beef, and then there’s AngusPure.

Reviewed by Sarah Ivey