Angus NZ

Recording Sheets

Animal Disposal List (ADL)/Cull Sheets

This is a preprinted list of all females in a breeders herd. A breeder is required to cull, using the appropriate cull codes, any dam no longer part of the breeding herd. These are sent late October and form the basis of the Calf Return and also the female fee numbers for billing.


  • Ensure cull codes are appropriate and be consistent when using them.
  • Ensure the ADL meets the cut-off date, to avoid being billed for culled animals.

Calf Return/Calf Entry Sheet

These are carbonated sheets to record the calf drop. They are pre-printed with dam and possibly sire details.


  • All calves must have
    – A sire and dam number and name
    – Unique tattoo / ID number Ð no duplicate numbers
    – Birth date
    – Sex
    – Colour
  • Ensure that you have completed all sections possible eg if an animal has an easy calving, record it’s calving ease score as “1”, DO NOT leave it blank.
  • Ensure that you have retained the carbon copy for your records.

Weights / Scanning

200, 400 and 600 day weights and / or scanning may be submitted to the office at the appropriate times – preprinted forms are supplied for this purpose.

TACE (TransTasman Cattle Evaluation) Accredited Scanners

Austin Ultrasound
Owner/Manager: Bill Austin Phone: 027 4100 377
Hugh Boulton North Island. Phone: 027 339 5222


  • Ensure that a weigh date (and mob if applicable) are supplied.
  • Ensure that scanner accreditation number is supplied.

If submitting scanning data ensure that your herd number is included and make special note of animals transferred from another herd.