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Progeny tests

B+LNZ Genetics, Beef and Dairy-Beef Progeny Tests

All Breeders are invited to submit nominations for entry (40 – 55 straws) into the mating programme for the Beef Progeny & Dairy-Beef Progeny research programmes.


B+LNZ Genetics Dairy Beef Progeny Test
run at Limestone Downs in Waikato

B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test
run at Rangitaiki Station, Tautane Station, Mendip Hills Station and Caberfeidh Station.  B+LNZ Genetics (BLG) are our partners in this programme, and they looking for suitable Angus bulls for inclusion in the progeny test programmes for the mating season.
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B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test

The B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test compare bulls under New Zealand commercial farming conditions. The test is being run over two years and involves about 2200 cows and heifers on five large properties across New Zealand.

A mix of both internationally-sourced and New Zealand semen is being used. Steers and cull heifers will be assessed on their carcase traits, while replacement heifers will be tracked for their maternal characteristics.


B+LNZ Genetics Dairy-Beef Progeny Test

Alongside the core Beef Progeny Test, a four-year dairy-beef test is being carried out at Limestone Downs. Its goal is to calculate the additional value that can be added by using high-genetic-merit beef bulls, versus the unrecorded bulls traditionally used as “follow-on bulls” in most New Zealand dairy systems.

B+LNZ Genetics and LIC Collaborate for Bull Progeny Testing