Angus NZ


The B+LNZ Genetics Dairy Beef Progeny Test aims to improve the quality of dairy beef animals in the industry by identifying and enabling widespread use of superior bulls for dairy beef. Beef breeders can nominate their best bulls for consideration for the programme – successful bulls then become part of the progeny test scheme. Through the collaboration, breeders will have a potential path to the dairy market for the first time by working with LIC.

Growing Future Farmers

Growing Future Farmers aims to accelerate the career of a graduate from entry level essential farm skills programme, by providing a creditable career pathway for farmers of the future in the sheep, beef and deer industry.
These Programmers offer a array of specialised industry training and development combined with formal NZQA training in the two year programme with zero fees. Find out more here

Pride in our Land Muster 2020 Community Events: Western North Island

For those in the Horizons region, don’t miss out on the ‘Pride in our Land’ evenings.

The ‘Pride in our Land’ campaign looks to support our rural communities by packaging and promoting what support is on offer and adding some new wellbeing initiatives.

It acknowledges farmers, rural families and those in the primary sector for their determination in these tough times.

Muster 2020 is for you and your family to enjoy a free meal with others and have a good time.

Find out more here