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Right Bull can lift weights by 45kg

This article was published in Country-Wide Beef, May 2020.By Associate Professor Rebecca Hickson (B+LNZ Genetics Dairy Beef Progeny Test Project Leader) View the May 2020 report Latest results from the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics dairy beef progeny test show that up to 45kg of additional carcass weight can be achieved by mating dairy … Read more Right Bull can lift weights by 45kg

Taranaki/King Country Ward Tour Dates

King Country/ Taranaki Ward Tour  Dates March 21st – March 23rd 2021 New Ward Tour Format  –  Conference Style Event to be based in New Plymouth. Exciting, informative speakers, entertainment, socializing, and the option to visit Ward Breeders following the organized Event. SAVE THESE DATES.

Selecting a bull – Physical tributes

Herd fertility has a major impact on returns in a commercial beef herd. In economic terms, a 1% increase in herd fertility is equivalent to approximately a 10% rise in growth rate. Fertility within a herd is influenced by four major factors: • Reproductive soundness of bulls • Structural soundness • Management • Genetics