Angus NZ

Selecting a bull – Physical tributes

Herd fertility has a major impact on returns in a commercial beef herd. In economic terms, a 1% increase in herd fertility is equivalent to approximately a 10% rise in growth rate. Fertility within a herd is influenced by four major factors: • Reproductive soundness of bulls • Structural soundness • Management • Genetics

Do EBVs work?

Trials are occasionally carried out to validate Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), to prove that what they are predicting is actually happening on commercial farms. This involves matching the expected performance on farm (the EBV) to the actual performance for a given trait. An outcome of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics Beef Progeny Test … Read more Do EBVs work?

Where your breeder goes, you go

Is the breeder making real progress? The bull breeder’s breeding programme should be clear, easily explained and backed up by good records and clear facts. It is important to ask questions to establish the genetic merit of the herd and whether genetic progress is being made in the traits that are of interest to you.

Collecting Mature Cow Weights

Mature cow weight has been a topical trait in 2020 and whether your breeding program aims to increase, decrease or remain constant the genetic merit of the herd for the trait, the critical practice remains the same. We need to be recording mature cow weights, as it is only with the accurate description of the trait that we as breeders can make the selection and breeding decisions which will ultimately drive the direction of the breed.