Angus NZ


The vendor of any registered cattle sold MUST complete a transfer form (available from Linda Rule at the office) to notify the office of the sale within ninety days of the sale. Any transfers received after that date will incur penalty fees and may need to be approved by Council.
Any calves sold at foot under the age of four (4) months shall be treated as bred by the purchaser and shall be recorded on his/her calf entry sheets.

NB The purchaser of any registered animal is entitled to ask for them to be inspected for transfer by an Association Inspector prior to purchase. Inspection is voluntary so if you do not ask the animals may not be inspected. (Please refer to Inspections section for further details).

Before returning your transfer to the office, please ensure :

  • The transfer is signed by the vendor and the purchaser.
  • The sale price is included on the certificate.
  • Both the original and duplicate are sent to the office.
  • All sections are completed accurately.


Transfer Fee:
Payable by the purchaser – $25.00 + gst per animal if paid within 90 days.


Transfer Commission:

Payable by the vendor – 1% of sale price + gst per animal if inside 90 days.
Payable by the vendor – 3% of sale price + gst per animal if outside 90 days.