Angus NZ


The following information is correct at time of publishing.
Please check with Angus Manager for the latest costs.

Schedule of fees (as at 10 November 2020)

(All prices GST exclusive)

Annual Subscription (charged February)
    Breeding Members $300.00
    Associate Member $75.00
    Overseas Member $100.00
    Junior Breeding Member  (Under 25 years) $86.96
    Junior Non Breeding Member  (Under 25 years) $60.00
Sundry Registration Fees
   ET Calf Same as prelist Dam fees
   Penalty for late registration (calf entry) $5.00 per registration
   Manual entry fee $5.00 per animal
   Late Transfer penalty fee $250.00
   Commission on displenishing & dispersal sales (payable by the vendor) 1%
   Export certification requiring registration (excluding live exports) $50.00
   Live export certification 2.5% of sale price (NB: minimum of $30 per animal)
Pre-list Dam Fees (3y/o fees charged February, 2y/o fees charged April)
    Pedigree & Performance $22.00
    PRAC $21.00
    Pedigree only $14.50
   Penalty for late ADL submissions $2.00 per dam
Marketing Levy (charged April)
    Herds with less than 50 registered dams $50.00
    Herds with 51 – 100 registered dams $100.00
    Herds more than 100 registered dams $200.00
Inspections  (User pays)
   Per hour $75.00
   Mileage (per kilometre) $0.77
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
   Electronic – Catalogue Builder sale lots – per Lot
   Manual – Catalogue Builder sale lots – per Lot
   NZ AI Sire registration $150.00
   Imported AI Sire registration (incl. taxes and bank fees) $500.00
   Non specified administration/hour $100.00