Angus NZ


The following information is correct at time of publishing.
Please check with Angus Manager for the latest costs.

Schedule of fees (as at 1 January 2017)

(All prices GST exclusive)

Annual Subscription (charged February)
    Breeding Members $300.00
    Associate Member $75.00
    Overseas Member $100.00
    Junior Breeding Member  (Under 25 years) $86.96
    Junior Non Breeding Member  (Under 25 years) $60.00
    Corporate Member $310.00
Sundry Registration Fees
   ET $10.00
   Penalty for late registration (calf entry) $2.00 per registration
   Manual entry fee $2.00 per animal
   Transfer penalty fee $50.00
   An export certificate fee (requiring registration) $50.00
Pre-list Dam Fees (3y/o fees charged February, 2y/o fees charged April)
    Pedigree & Performance $22.00
    PRAC $21.00
    Pedigree only $14.50
    Commercial Register $2.50
    Penalty for late ADL submissions $2.00 per dam
Bull Unit Marketing Levy (charged April)
    Herds with less than 50 registered dams No charge
    Herds with 51 – 100 registered dams $100
    Herds more than 100 registered dams $200
Inspections  (User pays)
   Per hour $25.00
   Mileage (per kilometre) $0.66
Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
   Internet Solutions Sale Catalogues per Lot $3.50
   NZ AI Sire registration $150.00
   Imported AI Sire registration $250.00
   Non specified administration/hour $50.00
   Export Certification Fee $25.00
   Export Certification Fee (Requiring registration) $50.00