Angus NZ

Angus New Zealand

Angus NZ supports and promotes the Angus cattle breed. From maintaining pedigree records of New Zealand’s (and the world’s) finest beef breed, to marketing top quality AngusPure beef to the world, Angus NZ leads the farming industry of New Zealand.

The Angus NZ Association supports Angus stud breeders in their efforts to ensure the very best genetics are available to commercial farmers and – further along the chain – to meat processors, marketers and, ultimately, to consumers.

Our goal is to maximise your profit.

Angus is New Zealand’s largest and leading beef breed. With Angus cows making up more than a third of the country’s 1.5million commercial breeding cows, and over 6000 stud bulls sold annually to commercial and stud properties from the tip of the North Island right down to the Deep South, the breed’s strengths are well recognised and proven.

Why farm Angus?

Angus cattle are reliable, resilient, efficient and adaptable. Easy-calving and fast-maturing, the breed is rewarding to farm and offers top quality carcass characteristics. Proven breed strengths include excellence in fertility, hardiness, foraging ability and grass conversion efficiency.

After 150 years in New Zealand, the Angus breed is well adapted to New Zealand’s farming systems – and the end product stands out from the rest. Repeat winner of the Beef Expo Steak of Origin competition, Angus beef consistently achieves top results in carcass quality determinants such as marbling, fat depth, meat colour and pH, assuring a tastier and more tender beef product. Read more on AngusPure.

Why join Angus NZ?

An incorporated society governed by an elected council of stud breeders, the Angus NZ Association works to promote the Angus breed and to serve the interests of its members.

Members receive registration services, marketing support and regular information via monthly e-news, quarterly newsletters, annual ‘Angus NZ Cattleman’ magazine and annual TransTasman Cattle Evaluation (TACE) Genetic Evaluation report of registered bulls and cows, together with additional support such as Angus merchandise and breed advertising.

To contact Angus New Zealand directly please email the General Manager via or phone +64 6 323 4484

History of Angus

Angus are the oldest breed of beef cattle in Europe, recorded in Great Britain since the 15th century.

In 1863 the breed arrived in Otago, imported from Scotland by the Australian Land Company. Herds were increased through breeding supplemented by additional imports, and many of today’s most successful studs can trace pedigrees back to those early years. Initially used to help break-in rough country, the hardiness and adaptability of Angus cattle (and their owners!) allowed them to thrive in their new environment.

In 1916 the New Zealand Aberdeen Angus Cattle Breeders Association was formed and pedigree registration began in earnest. Breeding cow numbers have today risen from the handful of small founding herds to in excess of 25,000 registered Angus cattle. In 1970 the Association’s name was changed to the New Zealand Angus Association Inc, reflecting the unique characteristics generated by a century of selectively breeding for local conditions and locally desirable traits – with the ultimate confirmation of success coming when breeders from Scotland began importing NZ Angus genetics back into their own herds.

Over the years Angus bulls have been widely used in cross-breeding, becoming increasingly popular in the dairy industry where Angus/dairy cross are recognised for their ease of calving, rapid growth and quality beef.

Not content to corner the market on producing world-class genetics, Angus NZ has led the way in beef marketing with its flagship top-end beef brand, ‘AngusPure’. Launched in 1998, the programme has gone from strength to strength, and AngusPure remains the country’s most successful branded beef product, recognised nationally and internationally for taste, quality and consistency.

The success of AngusPure has led to higher demand for Angus cattle, premiums for supply, and increasing demand, growth and prosperity for Angus farmers throughout New Zealand.