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Tru-Test Angus Bull Unit Update

Tru-Test Angus Bull Unit Update

All 28 yearling bulls held at the Tru-Test Angus Bull Unit are now on farm, which is located on Milson Line, Feilding. On Monday 5th December, all the bulls were re-tagged and given a bull unit number by Kim Lowe from Zee Tags. They were also weighed by Paul Gilligan of Tru-Test, and Jo Scott from Zoetis took the tissue samples for the i50K testing at the same time. We’d like to thanks these sponsors for their ongoing support of the project.

The average weight of the 28 bulls on Monday 5th was 582 kgs, ranging from 471 kgs up to 674 kgs. This range is party due to the range in birth dates across the bulls.

An open day will be held at the bull unit on 21st March 2017 at 11am.

All bulls will be auctioned at the Beef Expo Angus National Sale at Manfeild Stadium in Feilding on Tuesday 16th May 2017.

Turihaua L44
Rangatira 15109
Te Whanga 15-014
Waitangi L260
Waitangi L204
Waiterenui Outlier L34
Turiroa 15941
Kauri Kmbow234
Kauri Titlest239
Alpine Rawhide 804
Alpine Diamond 817
Whangara 15385
Glanworth Waigroup 15218
Dandaleith Intensity 365
Ngaputahi L40
Te Mania 15388
Te Mania 15389
Benatrade 15-16
Kenhardt L573
Kaharau 424
Brackenfield 435
Brackenfield 448
Mt Mable 1530
Whenuapapa Mo L407
Atahua 157-15
Kowai Trust 621
Merchiston Fullyloaded 663
Storth Oaks L8