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New Zealand Angus Breeders Tour of South America – 2019 [UPDATED]


Updated: 31/07/2018

Hosted by Arthur Blakely.

“I have been involved in the stud stock industry all my life and am best known as the breeder of the Clifton Corriedale and Suffolk sheep.  It was the Corriedales that first took me to South America in 1974 and many subsequent trips, the highlight being judging at the Prado show in Uruguay in 2001, the day of 9/11.

Over the years I have taken many tours of various sizes to South America, the biggest being a Perindale group of 34 people in 2012.

In New Zealand I have served as the President of the Corriedale and Suffolk breeds. In 2007 I was President of the World Corriedale Congress in Christchurch. I was also a major player in the three live sheep exports to Mexico, during the last 15 years, a great experience.

I look forward to being yout tour leader on this great Angus journey through Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.”

Arthur Blakely.

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