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Generation Angus Scholarship Opportunities

Generation Angus have two fantastic scholarship opportunities coming up. The Trans-Tasman Exchange and the NZ Youth Stud Tour are both up for grabs and offer an excellent opportunity for two people wanting to further their skills and experience within the industry.



The recipient of the scholarship will embark on an arranged trip to Australia. The trip will consist of experiencing first-hand 1-2 Australian beef operations, commercial and/or stud. The recipient will be expected to get involved in the day to day running of the operation/s to fully experience their host farm’s management systems. The minimum duration of the exchange is four weeks, of which if multiple operations are hosting, a minimum of two weeks at each place. The exchange is organised by experienced members of the Generation Angus committee whom can personally recommend and have relationships to our host farms in Australia. The purpose of the exchange is to provide an opportunity for aspiring beef farmers in NZ to expand their knowledge and experience of the global agricultural industry, in particular the strength and advancements of the beef sector. The exchange is intending for an applicant that is looking to kick start their interest (not necessarily an industry established person).
The exchange is offered to one person annually. The recipient needs to be aware that they are an ambassador for Angus New Zealand, Generation Angus and New Zealand itself while in Australia. It is also expected that the recipient shows an interest in Generation Angus and will be willing to strengthen and grow the concept.
CLICK HERE to download the full application form.


The recipient of the scholarship will embark on an arranged trip around NZ beef operations. The trip will consist of experiencing first hand New Zealand’s leading stud stock and commercial farms, a rare opportunity to be hosted and shown around by our passionate beef breeders and their families. The recipient must be willing and able to get stuck in and give their host families a hand on the farm during their stay. This exchange is ideal for someone commencing their career in cattle farming with an interest in breeding and recording of stock. The successful applicant will be an integral part of the planning of the trip, with the Generation Angus committee having the intention of aiming to get you to the places you want to go. The tour must be a minimum of two weeks in duration, and either in the North or South Island.

CLICK HERE to download the full application form.