Angus NZ

BLG Progeny Test Programme

BLG would like to invite Angus breeders to nominate Angus bulls for use in a progeny test programme.  To participate, each breeder would need to supply up to 55 straws of semen per bull.  The semen will be put into several different commercial herds throughout New Zealand, and the progeny will be recorded for a wide variety of traits.  These traits include growth, fertility, the reproduction of daughters, condition scores, days to calving and others.

Steers will be taken through to slaughter and evaluated on the SFF EQ programme.
Criteria for bulls being nominated is listed below:

  1. From Breedplan recorded herds
  2. From herds which are carcase scanning
  3. Bulls must have been used in the breeders own herd or are going to be used in their herd this coming mating.

Semen is required by mid-November.

Information from these progeny tests will be made available to the farming community through Beef & Lamb Genetics.

BLG will select the bulls to be used from the sires nominated by breeders.  Please note the possibility that not all sires nominated, will be used in the programme.

For more information, breeders may contact progeny test programme co-ordinator Jason Archer on 029 489 9138