Angus NZ

Allflex Angus Bull Unit 2018/19

The 2019 PGG Wrightson Angus National Bull Sale will be held at Orlando Country Club, Palmerston North on Monday 13th May 2019. The sale commences at 1pm sharp.

This year we have twenty R2 Angus bulls being held at the Allflex Angus Bull Unit on Milson Line, Palmerston North.

If you wish to view the bulls at the unit please contact Jane Allan to arrange a time.

Kauri Downs KD/G120 345
Kauri Downs KD/KMB/347
Waitangi N271
Wairere E720
Dandaleith Musgrove 680
Ranui 706
Blue Duck 1704
Waitangi N330
Te Whanga 17-027
Floridale Koura
Riverlands J 170204
Woodbank 7084
Te Mania 17547
Te Mania 17358
Ranui W 7168
Motere One Shot N101
Lilliesleaf Bounce 1570
Lilliesleaf Buster 1590
Ngaputahi N061
Blacknight 516