Angus NZ

2018 Angus Bull Sales Exceed All Expectations

A big congratulations must go to all our Angus breeders for a fantastic bull sale season. Your cattle of course, are a credit to you all, and those of you who upped your marketing game saw great results from your hard work. Well done!

The highlight of the season was at the Kaharau Sale, where Lot 2 – Kaharau 632 sold for $95,000 (pictured above). Very high clearances were seen across the country, with averages up over $10,000 at Stern, Te Mania, Springdale, Cricklewood, Kaharau, Tangihau, Turihaua, Turiroa, Rangatira and Mt Mable.

If you purchased a bull, on behalf of the society we’d like to thank you for supporting the Angus breed, and congratulate you for being part of something that has great momentum within the beef industry. Angus is on top of the game. There is no doubting this.

The demand for Angus beef is being driven by the consumer market, both within New Zealand and in overseas markets, and it is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.