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       VIEWPOINT                                                ON FARM WITH ANGUS

       Bruce Orr                                  23            Treasures of the far north                 16
           A take on the past, present and future of Angus         A lifetime of breed success at Waitangi Angus
       Matthew Castello, Rabobank                 27            Growing grass in Central Hawke’s Bay       44
          Looking beyond the beef price peak                       Justin and Meg King return to farming at
                                                                   Brookwood Station
       Bob Dent, Australia                       109
           Advice for the young                                 Kaiwara Station makes progress in hill country   59
                                                                   Pasture management the key, says George Johns
                                              102               Earnscleugh Station looks to the future    86

                                                                   New thinking brings technology to bull selling
                                                                Growing big beef in Southland              93
                                                                   Grant brothers find answers in fodder beet

                                                                Taihape hill country suited to hardy Angus   102
                                                                   James and Kate Rogers manage the family
                                                                   operation at Koeke Estate

                                                                ANGUSPURE SELECTION

                                                                Toronui Station delivers the goods         30
                                                                   Faith in Angus pays off for isolated Hawke’s Bay property

                                                                AngusPure Ambassador Jess Pryles           35
                                                                   Whirlwind trip to share in launch of the AngusPure
                                                                   Special Reserve brand
                                                                Year of progress at AngusPure              39
                                                                   AngusPure Chairman Tim Brittain reports

                                                 65             AngusPure - Our Story                      43
                                                                   The Purest Taste… From the Purest Place…



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