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What  builds  a  good  truck?  The  same  things  that  build  a  good  mate.  Reliable.  Loyal.  Solid.
 No matter what, Hilux has your back. It’s rebuilt safer than ever, with a 5 star ANCAP safety
 rating across the range. With a powerful 2.8L diesel engine with up to 450Nm torque*, and
 up to 3.5 tonne towing capacity*, it’s got some serious grunt. Add in a 7-inch touchscreen
 and reversing camera display across the range*, plus more accessories than you can shake
 a  soggy  gumboot  at,  and  you’ll  fi nd  that  the  benchmark  has  been  well  and  truly  rebuilt.
 Visit to build your new Hilux.

 *Maximum braked towing capacity and torque varies across models. Reversing camera available as accessory on Cab Chassis models.
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 TOY5227 DPS Hilux River Gumboot - Angus mag_v2.indd   1                                                    10/03/2017   12:00 pm
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