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                                                                       What does the Angus breed have to offer that sets it apart
from the                                                               from other cattle breeds in NZ?
president                                                              Angus in New Zealand is able to capitalise on the well-recognised
                                                                       AngusPure brand. The brand creates a link between breeders and
Q&A with Joe Fouhy                                                     commercial producers which is of great benefit. In terms of the
                                                                       beef industry, Angus has also been at the forefront of the adoption
Tell us a little bit about yourself and the Fouhy family.              of new technology and has access to a worldwide genetic pool.

Glanworth is a 850ha property, nestled at the foot of the North        What do you hope to achieve during your time as president?
                                                                       I would like to see the continued advancement of the Angus breed,
Island’s Tararua Ranges. The property is run as a breeding/            along with further boosting of the profile and market reach of
finishing unit, wintering 600 beef cattle and 5000 sheep. My           the AngusPure brand. Alongside that, I’d like to see an increased
grandfather was the first settler in the district in 1892, and my      number of commercial producers linked to Angus New Zealand.
father established the stud in 1952. We have two daughters and one     Heightened sponsorship would also be of great benefit. I feel that,
son, Shaun, who is now making most of the day-to-day management        as individual breeders, we greatly underestimate the power of the
decisions, but I have always enjoyed the challenges that farming       Angus brand in New Zealand.
presents and hope to continue farming for a while yet.
                                                                       What is the biggest challenge facing Angus New Zealand at
How did you come to be on the Angus New Zealand Board?                 present, and can your foresee any significant challenges in the
I was asked to stand for the Board twelve or thirteen years ago,       future?
however, at the time I felt I was too busy and therefore declined.     The reduction in beef cattle numbers would be the major challenge,
Three years ago I felt it was my turn to give something back;          which comes back to land use changes and the profitability of
something I think is very important in all aspects of community life.  cattle compared to other livestock enterprises. There are many
I never expected to become President, however I feel very fortunate    good beef operators who are using new and existing best practice
to have some input into what happens with Angus going forward,         technologies, and who are making good profits from their cattle
and would like to continue the good work achieved by previous          enterprises. We should all constantly be looking for ways to make
Angus Board members.                                                   our own cattle businesses more competitive.

What do you perceive to be the biggest hurdle facing the               Should registered Angus breeders be focusing on their
breeders of registered Angus cattle?                                   customers, or should more thought be going towards end
Registered breeders are currently producing the product that the       consumers?
market requires for the end consumer. However, with the adoption       I think the two are directly interlinked because our customers
of new technology and the speed at which it’s changing, to ensure      demand from breeders what their end-consumers demand. We
the consumer gets the best end-product, we need to continue to         have to look after both, but it goes back to the science/ practicality
produce cattle that are functional and practical from a farming point  pendulum and making sure there’s a balance.
of view, while balancing that with the science behind the genetics.
                                                                       How can we make the Angus breed stronger?
How can Angus New Zealand contribute to the expectations of            Most importantly, breeders need to support the breed through
commercial producers?                                                  active involvement. They can’t just sit back and let someone else do
We need to ensure we are producing cattle that suit the commercial     the work; everyone has to be part of it. Members need to support
producer’s requirements as well as meeting the needs of the end        the National Sale, Future Beef, Generation Angus and actively get
consumer. It is our responsibility to ensure that Angus cattle         involved in their local Wards. That’s how we’ll make the breed
perform better and are more adaptable than other breeds, thereby       stronger.
securing the future of everyone involved at every stage of the
production process.                                                    What advice would you give to the younger farmers/breeders
                                                                       coming through the industry?    
                                                                       Take the opportunities that come your way and get fully involved. It
                                                                       doesn’t matter how young you are, you’ve got to get involved with
                                                                       Angus. The rewards will be tangible, and will likely last a lifetime.

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