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The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program in Australia has now finished it’s AI program for the second joining involving 2,336 Angus females.  These cows have been pregnancy scanned to identify the females that were pregnant to the AI program.

Eight NZ bulls were included in the 2011 joining after semen was collected and shipped to Australia.  The highest conception rate of any bull was recorded by Tangihau 672 nominated by John Bayly of Cricklewood Angus.

Tangihau 672 was joined to 58 females and 45 of these conceived to AI for a conception rate of 78%. 

Bob Dent, Coordinator of the program said this was a great result.  “The target number of pregnancies was 20 to 25 pregnancies to provide enough progeny for progeny testing.  Tangihau 672 has certainly met this target” he said

“It is a wonderful contrast to have a bull that gets over three cows pregnant for every four inseminations” he added.

The average conception rate for all 57 bulls used in the program was 52.4%, above the target of 50% and a very acceptable result from fixed time single insemination.

Nominations for the third and final joining in the Benchmarking Program are now being accepted.  “We would love to have more high conception rate bulls involved” said Bob Dent. 


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