Angus New Zealand Member By-laws



  • An annual Angus NZ membership contract that applies for the period from the 1st of January to the 31st of December each year.
  • Angus NZ retains copyright on all information generated from the Angus pedigree and performance database on behalf of Angus NZ members. Misleading use of this information in advertising and promotional material by any party may contravene the Consumer Guarantee Act (1993) and the rules of the New Zealand Angus Association.
  • All members are required to conduct themselves with integrity at all times in any activity that relates to the breeding, recording, promotion or sale of registered Angus cattle.
  • All members are to keep their financial obligations with Angus NZ current at all times.



  • Data for inclusion in Breedplan will only be accepted from fully Registered, PRAC or PACR recorded animals owned by members of Angus NZ.
  • Data submitted for Breedplan will be analysed together with data from other New Zealand herds, Australian Angus herds and selected overseas genetic evaluation material to calculate Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s), Indexes and other statistics as required. This data will remain the property of Angus NZ on behalf of Angus NZ members as per their contract with the service providers. This data will be used where necessary for research and/or the publication of EBV’s and Indexes on individual animals.
  • Members agree to submit all relevant data either electronically or manually in a full & accurate manner. False entries or misleading data can negatively affect and undermine the integrity of the whole Breedplan system for all users.
  • Breeders must ensure measurement systems and devices are accurate and able to provide consistent & correct data.
  • Contemporary groups must be managed to ensure all animals in a group have equal opportunity to express their genetic potential. Sick, disadvantaged, or preferentially fed animals must be entered as separate contemporary groups.
  • All sires to be used for Pedigree, PRAC or PACR registration must be DNA profiled, correctly sire verified, and as a minimum have a status of 'free untested' for DD, CA, AM and NH genetic conditions (i.e. have a status of DDFU, CAFU, AMFU and NHFU as a minimum).
  • Any heifer vetted in calf to be retained within your herd must be DNA profiled & correctly sire verified from 01.06.2016
  • All registered animals must be transferred within 90 days of the sale date


All members sale catalogues must contain at least the following:

  • Current available EBVs and accuracies for all reported traits for every sale animal and reference animals (ie selected figures, EBV’s or Indexes mustn’t be excluded for any individual animal). All non zero EBV’s will be shown with either a clear + or –ve sign preceeding the figure.
  • Herdbook Numbers of all sale animals and all BreedObject Indexes must be included.
  • Wherever EBV’s or Indexes are used, they must be acknowledged with the source & date eg January 2014 Angus Breedplan
  • All sale catalogues to include full current Percentile Band tables for animals born in the year of sale animals.
  • All catalogues to include a full explanation for all EBVs and Indexes sourced from Angus NZ (not member interpretations). Angus NZ has available a number of sample templates to fit most catalogue sizes.
  • Any PRAC animals are to be clearly identified with “(PRAC)” beside their name.
  • EBV’s or indexes estimated by members from ancestryl or mid parent EBV’s cannot be used instead of current or missing data in advertising or sale catalogues.
  • When raw data or overseas breeding values are used in promotional material alongside Breedplan data, they must be labelled clearly to prevent confusion.
  • Where current or missing EBV data in advertising or sale catalogues is unavailable, Sire and Dam EBVs can be listed together; however a mid-parent EBV cannot be generated.


Public criticism/Marketing by members

Angus NZ has worked extremely hard to develop strong relationships and affiliations with industry organisations and sponsors which are vital to the success of the breed and have major financial considerations. Maintaining a positive image and reputation for Angus NZ and the Angus breed is seen as being of upmost importance.

  • Members are not to engage in any form of public/media relations about Breedplan, Angus NZ or other Angus NZ members. Concerns relating to those should be directed to the Angus NZ General Manager in the first instance.

Members are not to correspond directly with staff at ABRI. Queries should be directed to the Angus NZ General Manager in the first instance.