Announcing Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover


'Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover'

Angus New Zealand & FMG have joined forces to present an exciting new opportunity!
We have developed a new product, offering a special rate on your Angus bull cover.


What does this mean?

FMG is able to provide Angus New Zealand members with Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover; a premium short term livestock insurance cover for Angus bulls sold at auction or privately.  On a ‘Purchaser pays’ basis this cover will be offered at market leading rates, providing cover for Transit, Theft, Infertility and Death.

As well as the Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover, FMG will provide a bi-annual rebate to Angus New Zealand, based on the number of bulls sold that had the Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover on them.  This gives Angus NZ the opportunity to increase its supporting revenue, and to continue FMG's work in representing and promoting the Angus breed.

Insurance for a newly purchased Angus bull, at very competitive prices!

What are the details?

FMG’s 'Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover' will be offered to the purchasers of bulls sold under the following conditions; The Angus NZ Association Member selling the bulls must agree to FMG being the ‘exclusive’ provider of all Livestock & Transit insurance on the sale of their bulls.

'Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover' is an instant bull cover, for a nine month term including Transit, Infertility and Death cover.  It has a special premium rating of 6.5% based on the value of the bull at time of purchase (FMG’s normal market rate is 9%)*.

The Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover 6.5% rate can only be accessed by purchasers via Angus Breeders who have FMG represented exclusively at their bull sale.  The 6.5% rate can be extended to a joint Angus sale (other breed) with prior agreement with FMG/Angus NZ. No other Breed on a stand-alone sale basis will have access to this 6.5% 9 month rate.

The vendors are only restricted to FMG for Bull Insurance Covers to access the rebate on behalf of NZ Angus.  Purchasers can still choose alternative non FMG insurance cover if they wish.

As part of the Angus NZ Premier Bull Cover offer a rebate of 0.5% will be paid, by FMG, to Angus NZ on all Bulls sold on the ‘exclusive’ insurance terms meaning that the more bulls sold with Angus NZ Premier Bull cover the more Angus NZ will benefit.

To find out more...

An FMG local representative will be in contact with all Angus New Zealand breeding members shortly to discuss this offer further and how it will work on sale day.

*See policy wordings for full details of cover